Roelof Vermeulen

Roelof Vermeulen – Agile PM – Programme Manager – Project Manager – Agile Coach

Innovation is the only future of humanity and business transformation

Lead to succeed

Scale, automate, plan, manage delivery risk and deliver with momentum

About Roelof

Delivery with purpose

Obsessed with solving complex delivery. Make it happen!

I have been in senior management from the age of 22 and since 2007 specialised in the execution of large project in roles like Project Manager, Programme Manager and Agile Coach.

I firmly believe that the future of humanity is undoubtedly determined by how fast we can change the world’s focus from being career driven to an unvanquished passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

I believe in doing things the sensible way, thus being an advocate for applying the most suitable methodology or framework for the relative organisation to obtain the desired outcome. The drive should not be methodology adoption but instead fastest possible delivery of quality.

I endorse any methodology that are applicable for the relative task at hand. My reference is Agile project delivery and I have a solid background in innovation and entrepreneurship, complimented with expertise in mentorship, coaching, education, customer relationship management, leadership, online marketing, software development and much more. As a leader and builder of teams, I am well versed as mentor and coach.

My services

How can I help you?

Roelof can assist in the following ways


Speaking on topics related to Agile Leadership.

Agile at Scale
Reducing Meetings
Regulatory Project Management
Planning for Agile Delivery
Organisational Transformation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Roelof offer consulting services for large corporates that needs to ensure risk is managed well in the future.

Implement a PMO for Multi-methodology or Agile
Agile adoption for delivery with momentum
Troubled project identification and replanning
Agile planning implementation
Agile at scale


Roelof can contract in several roles with wide range of expertise to lead teams to deliver faster and better.

Agile Coach
Agile Project Manager
Program Manager
Project Planning Delivery Coach
Agile Delivery Manager (Managing Risk)

My Experience

I have experience in the following industries

Create – Lead – Autonomous – High Performance Teams

Financial Services

Financial Services
Medical Aid